Monday, August 31, 2009


Everyone has a reason to be. The old "I think therefore I am" is passe.

Its Now "I blog therefore I am".

I definitely am, so I decided to blog so that I conform to standards. The fact is in all aspects I am a conformist, even-though everyone who knows me say I am a non conformist in a conformist`s clothing. Confusing isn`t it? If this is confusing for you what about poor old me who has to live this role!

Now that brings me to what do I blog about. Lets do a reality check

Question to self : Are you an Amitabh Bachan or equivalent?
Answer (From deep within) : No! ergo, millions will not wait eagerly for your posts and millions will not be paid to you by any blog host to carry your blog.
Popping noise in background of dream busting.

Question to self: Do you have anything interesting to write/convey/communicate?

Answer: Hmmm, Ahem, deep frown so that permanent creases form, news? views, science, physics oh metaphysics. shake of head baser stuff again shake hmmm . Actually nothing!
(That`s how the name came about NONSENSE is sophisticated nothing!)

Question: Then why do you need a blog??

Answer: Everyone has one, some have two so I also should have one. And ...... (furtive glance left, furtive glance right) Have heard .... people publish their blogs and make millions. Always wanted to retire early the millions will help. Oh yes they will help

So what shall i write about? The initial plan in order to get to the millions asap was to have 5 blogs. You may ask why 5. After a deep chuckle, because that was the number which came to my mind. What will each of them they say:

  1. Work place dark humour
  2. Family
  3. Reasons why you should be married
  4. Reasons why one should never marry
  5. Marketing (am a marketing professional)
See, that was so easy. Now you know why I chose 5, my subconscious mind always knew it.

Problemo Uno: Who will write all these blogs. Approached The other Woman (Hereinafter referred to as ToW), why dont you write, you write extremely well. In fact I do n t know what attaracted me first your face or your writing, and you are anyway going to benefit from the millions. Withering look hit me in between the eyes. Years of practice had me ready, I rolled with the look. Yep exactly like Neo after he knew he was THE ONE. Behind me I could hear the wall crack!
Oh! BTW ToW is actually the only one but I like to keep her on her toes. When she is referred to as the Other Woman, she aspires to be The Woman, so she puts her heart and mind in the Job!

Who else, who else ... thought of starting a ghost writing syndicate, but could not find volunteer writers who will wait for payment till I earn my millions. Between you and me a few of the prospective ghost writers laughed in my face!!

Due to a decent upbringing, cannot steal from other blogs, books, magazines (Should have a chat with my mother on why she taught me all the wrong things) .

So Penta blog ideas was cut into one unique NONSENSE Blog and here I am and there you are.

As my Son and Heir (Hereinafter referred to as SnH) would say Tantaraing! Here is the first Post. (Yep those Kaminey`s ftole the words from his mouth).