Saturday, November 14, 2009

How Chetan Bhagat Stole my story!

I just finished reading 2 States and I am seething with Indignation!

Before Chetan Bhagat, Rupa&Co and assorted others run off to sue me. Let me assure you all that I am worth peanuts, those too bad quality peanuts. Let me present my case and then we shall get the guys in coats and collars involved.

Oh! There are a few questions you want me answer. Most willingly.

As they show in movies I have my hand over a convenient holy book and swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but truth, oh and answer your questions also.

Q: Do you know Chetan Bhagat
A: Yes I do

Q: How do you know him?
A: I have read all of his books (Liked them and re read them) and I know him as the author and have seen his photographs in book covers and newspapers.

Q: Does Chetan Bhagat Know you
A: I don’t think so

Q:Have you Met CB.
A: Nope, not at all. Don’t even think we have been near each other.

Q: (In perplexed tone) Have you both ever corresponded, letters, emails, phone calls
A: Oh you mean like that guy who attempted suicide in his book. No not at all

Q: Do you think CB or some one employed by him burgled your house or hacked your computer
A: Why are you asking this? My complaint was he stole my story not stole jewellery from the house (said for local effect, more like used kitchen utensils) or hacked my bank passwords (He! He! He! let any one try that bank will ask him to pay past dues and then log out.)

Stern Warning issued! No jokes answer to the question

Q: Where have you kept the draft of the story
A: What draft

Q: Of the story you wrote:
A: I didn’t write any story

Q: (In exasperation) You are the one who claimed CB stole your story!
A: Oh that! If your questions are over I will explain. Please do not interrupt my flow.

My story begins ....

Anand sits on the sea face Opposite Air India Building, Nariman Point, Mumbai. The sea is rough with incoming rain clouds and matching the turmoil in his head. He has no idea how he reached there, in his hands a letter from Pooja telling him that she is no more his. She is walking away from their 5 years as both of them are not able to get parental consent for their marriage. Its better they both suffer pain rather than allow their parents to suffer the pain.

Anand was going mad with pain and grief, he was finding it difficult to breathe. Does he walk into the sea, is the train better, and is there a faster quicker way. He doesn’t know. Only thing he feels is pain, searing pain through each of his nerve cells as if each and every nerve is on fire.

Somehow, he finds his way to a cab and mumbles airport. Mahalaksmi. Haji Ali, Worli, Mahim all passed un noticed. The cabbies worried eyes kept darting to the rear view mirror. “Saab, Kuch bad news milla. Gaon jaa rahe ho?” Mumbled response the cabby leaves him to his grief till the airport. Anand had to be helped out by the driver, the girl and the ticketing counter asked where without the usual smile. Bangalore, Mumbled Anand. Got a Rs. 4000.00 one way ticket paid on the credit card. How will he pay it back with salary of Rs. 7000 per month never crosses his mind.

The flight was boarding and the plane was virtually empty. As the doors closed and the stewardess walked with a dazzling smile, he was transported back ....

She walked in a bright colorful clothes, to be more precise her smile walked in and without realizing he looses his heart to her. She notices him smiles and sits a few seats away. That was how Pooja arguably the best looking girl and Anand unarguably the worst looking dude of the class of 94 met.

This is how my story begins and goes on about their love. How every one else but they recognize it, but as they do not recognize it every one accepts them for what they always were and always will be True Friends. My story had reached their marriage but I did not have nice ending worked out.

Now look at 2 states

Krish is with a shrink. In desperation as Ananya says they cannot be together ever. The story moves to a flash black with the canteen scene. And then how they get married and all obstacles in between.

See the similarity!

This is not all my story has a friends marriage happening instead of a cousins. There are sections/chapters on studying together, going to Pondicherry, the expensive STD bills, everything is there. Including the desperation to not elope but get parental consent from both sides.

To top it all Anand and Pooja were MBA students.

Now tell me, isn’t my story line very very similar to 2 States. And this really takes the cake, CB says 2 states is inspired by his life and My story is loosely based on mine!

Now do you believe me, when I say,” Chetan Bhagat Stole my story."

I Rest my case

The only problem here is this story was never written down; it was and is there in my head. I have it chapter wise and scene wise sorted and kept ready. How did CB get it from there is the great mystery.

This is not the first time it is happening to me all my ideas are regularly stolen from me. Sigh! I am the world most wronged against person! Double Sigh!

CB what was the name of the shrink in Chennai. Maybe a beautiful shrink is what I need!

Note: This is not intended to cast any doubt on the originality of 2 States. I do not claim in my wildest dreams that 2 States was plagiarized in any form from any where.

I have read 2 states, it is very very interesting and funny. As usual CB has produced a neat and enjoyable best seller.

What my story did not have was a great ending, if I ever publish my story the ending will draw creative inspiration from 2 states.