Thursday, October 22, 2009

Diwali Blues

After Diwali is what I am
Burnt paper and metal ends lying in a heap
Sweep them and set fire to them
Bits of sparklers come to life
Ghosts of what they were!

Ghosts they remain
Awaiting Rama`s return
Lakshmi`s Glory or Krishna`s Triumph
To burst again in all splendour
As a thousand dazzling suns in heaven

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bhartiya Nari

Self was stranded at a railway station late at night awaiting TOW and SnH, for newbies The Other Woman and Son & Heir, when I witnessed this drama. This one act play left me with emotions which did not make sense was I angry, sad, bewildered, bemused. I do not Know. What should have I done or what could I do. I do not Know.You tell me!

A lady was sitting on the platform, with a very dirty bundle. A TTE speaks to her, maybe asking her ticket or telling her no begging allowed or what ever. The TTE was not shouting nor did his body language appear to be threatening.

Enter left center, typical drunk, clothes face and hair in disarray and dirty and smelling like a particularly evil distillery.

Drunk: (Shouting) Sir, Is this daughter of a W***e, disturbing you.

TTE ignoring him addresses the woman (not unkindly) and moves away.

Drunk: Putting his face close to the lady and still shouting hoarsely and slurring words. Daughter of a B***h how dare you talk to a man, when your husband is not here.

The scene has the undivided attention of Platforms 3 and 4 and some curious fellows from Platform 2.

Drunk: Goes on to berate the woman on virtues of a good wife and asks her to open the bundle and show everyone that she has not been stealing.

(No One the TTE included accused her of being a thief). The lady keeps looking down on the platform floor not responding. The drunk lifts his hand to strike her again demanding she open the bundle, calling her various animal names and talking about her body parts and her character. Finally the lady opens her bundle to display her wares, I could see onlookers craning necks to see, what is there. The Drunk abuses her more and walks away.

WHY WHY WHY did the lady stay so silent and subdued never raising her head never protesting the verbal abuse. Is it because she felt the man is the best she can get. If yes, how did she become like that. What circumstances drove her to be a fatalist. In between where did she loose her sense of self. WHO was the drunk? her husband? her brother? her only male relative?

HOW could people including me stand sit listen to this tirade. Have we lost our will to respond, where is the so called sense of chivalry. Would it have been a different reaction if the lady was young and glamorous?

I do not know. And what morbid need are we satisfying by staring into the open bundle of harassed insulted lady.

Was she a Bhartiya Nari, the epitome of Indian womanhood?

P.S I began by referring to the lady as woman, but her quite dignity in spite of all she faced made me go back and change every woman to lady. For to me she was a lady i will give her that respect. At least in cyber world she should get the respect which fate snatched from her in the real world.